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Associate Introduction

In 2019, we are trialing a program to introduce new members through the existing membership base.  Any current full member can invite an associate or colleague to a meeting at no cost. We ask that the full-time member notifies one of the executive committee in advance, preferably a few weeks before the dinners, and we will add the invitee's name to the dinner list.

Concession membership

This newly created category of membership is designed to include recent graduates, current students or full-time academic staff.  This offers a discount to the full-membership price.

Mentor program

Our mentor program is designed to allow new and younger clinicians to access the experience of the senior members within the branch.  Members who wish to learn about implants will be introduced to experienced prosthodontists who will help guide the clinician through their initial case selection, and instruct them on how to properly restore the implants. Experienced clinicians who have already restored implants and wish to extend their skills will be introduced to the periodontists within the society. The clinicians can present their cases and work with the periodontists on the surgical planning and placement of these implants as appropriate. Any members who wish to participate in this program are invited to contact one of the executive committee members for us to facilitate the initial introduction. 
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