Membership Terms & Conditions

Paid Subscriptions Terms  
By registering for a paid subscription to the AOS, you warrant that

(1) all information you provided during the registration process is true and accurate,
(2) you will not permit third parties to access your account information, or to otherwise assign or transfer your rights to the Services,
(3) you are the cardholder of any credit or debit you provide to us.
(4) You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your registration and login information.  
(5) You are responsible for all charges incurred during your AOS membership period, including any charges incurred on your account by other parties.

Upon successful online processing of subscription fees, membership is instant and remains current for the remainder for the AOS financial year (01 July to 30 June) in which the payment was made.

Subscription Cancellation/Refund Policy
You may only cancel your subscription to the AOS in accordance with these Terms: Subscription fees are nonrefundable, there are no partial refunds or credits for subscription periods.

This means that you will continue to have member access to the AOS website and maintain branch membership for the remainder of the financial period until the membership subscription expires.

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