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AOS (NSW) Prof. Nicola Zitzmann - Implant Prosthetic Diagnostics and Overdenture Treatment


****Face to Face Meeting****

We look forward to welcoming you back to face to face meetings.  We are proud to have Professor Nicola Zitzmann presenting two lectures via live stream / hybrid meeting:  "Implant Prosthetic Diagnostics" and "Overdenture Treatment".

Abstract:  "Implant Prosthetic Diagnostics" and "Overdenture Treatment"

The lectures illustrate a structured approach for implant prosthetic diagnostics focussing on full rehabilitations. While a large variety of reconstructive designs are established, explicit criteria indicate fixed or removable implant restorations. Specific clinical and technical features of implant overdentures are demonstrated.

COVID restrictions have now been lifted, therefore this event is open to ALL members and guests.

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Nicola Zitzmann is Professor and Chair of the Department of Reconstructive Dentistry at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

From 1994 to 1997, she received her postgraduate training at the Department of Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics and Dental Material Sciences in Zurich, Switzerland (Prof. P. Schärer). From 1997, N. Zitzmann worked as Assistant Professor at the Department of Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics and TMJ Disorders at the University of Basel (Switzerland) and completed her habilitation thesis (equivalent to Ph.D.) entitled “Prosthodontic treatment of the edentulous patient with particular consideration given to implant-supported restorations” in 2004. Nicola Zitzmann has been a Visiting Assistant at the Department of Periodontology at the University of Göteborg, Sweden (Proffs. J. Lindhe and T. Berglundh), and achieved her Ph.D. degree in the field of Periodontology in 2006. She is past-president of the International College of Prosthodontics, chairs the ITI section Switzerland, and is board member of the Swiss Society of Oral Implantology (SGI) and the Swiss Society of Reconstructive Dentistry (SSRD). N. Zitzmann is an associate editor of Clinical Oral Implants Research and authored more than 130 original publications, 60 papers and book chapters. She received the Jan Lindhe Research Award in 2014 for her scientific achievements in implant dentistry.


AOS (NSW) Presents: Prof Nicola Zitzmann, two lectures via Hybrid meeting - Implant Prosthetic Diagnostics and Overdenture Treatment

AOS (NSW) Prof. Nicola Zitzmann - Implant Prosthetic Diagnostics and Overdenture Treatment

Hybrid Meeting

Event Date 02-03-2021
Time 6:30pm for 6:45pm (Finish 9:30pm)
Location View Sydney: 17 Blue Street, North Sydney
RSVP Note COVID Restrictions lifted - no limit on attendance
RSVP By 24-02-2021